Raypak Electric Pool Heater Worthless Warranty


Raypak cost me over $5,000 on a heat pump that I had for only 8 months.After one winter, after it was properly winterized (according to their manual) the entire machine came apart.

Coil, heat exchange, PVC, etc. was all destroyed. Their response in so many words, "tough luck, it's not covered, you need to buy a new one." I understand that products break, but have the integrity to step up and repair a $5,000 product that didn't last one year - I'd say they have a second rate product and a warranty/service approach that is beyond unprofessional.

Don't go near Raypak, go with a competitor.They are a shameful company.

Review about: Pool Heater.

Raypak - Need live the support nosotros text messages

No live person !!!! need tech support

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